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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Coworking at The Rostie Group


3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Coworking at The Rostie Group

Tired of working in a cramped space or trying to find a place to meet your team?

Coworking is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space or meeting space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures.

Having a reliable and convenient space to go to is one of the keys to a successful business, of any size.

Here are three reasons you should look into one today:


Location is a top priority when it comes to choosing a Coworking space as it needs to be convenient for employees as well as potential clients. Having a space where you can work as well as enjoy the area afterward creates the work-life balance many are looking for today. Located at the corner of Bay Street and Queens Quay, the Rostie Group boasts a combination of corporate vibrancy as well as beautiful water views.


With Coworking spaces there is little commitment needed as it is affordable and offers flexible terms. These spaces can be rented out daily, weekly or monthly and can accommodate various group sizes. The flexibility offered is great for businesses looking to utilize office space sporadically instead of everyday of the week. This is especially effective for small teams as multiple spaces can be leased at a time, allowing for the entire group to have their own workspace. The Rostie Group’s coworking spaces, which offer all of the amenities of permanent offices, provide a great option for those slowly reentering to the workplace.

Team Dynamic

Working together in-person is essential. This couldn’t be more evident as we exit the two year stretch of COVID-19 which saw most being isolated in their houses. Rather than communicating online, which has become the new normal, meeting in a space where everyone is comfortable becomes a great way to change up the weekly routine. Coming together in the Rostie Group’s lively spaces will help foster a stronger team dynamic resulting in higher productivity and a more constructive company synergy.

The Rostie Group’s convenient location, flexible terms, and spirited meeting rooms and coworking spaces are only a few reasons why you should consider coworking services at 20 Bay St.

For more information about our coworking services, as well as securing your next reservation, feel free to call 416-214-1840 or email meetings@rostiegroup.com.