20 Bay Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5J2N8

Toronto’s Waterfront

Meeting & Workspace Destination

Experience the ultimate work-life balance in a thriving waterfront workspace designed for growth and collaboration.

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Prime Downtown Meeting Spaces

Exceptional Meeting Value

Conduct your meetings in our bespoke rooms, ideally situated in the South Core Financial District, with convenient access to waterfront amenities and city attractions. Let our professional staff make your meeting exceptional.

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Team Space

Flexible Team Workspace
For 5 Or More Employees

The Rostie Group specializes in accommodating small to medium-sized businesses on the move, offering flexible team spaces that encourage collaboration and innovation. Our fully-furnished offices come in various sizes and configurations to match your company’s unique requirements. With flexible lease terms, you have the freedom to scale your space as your team grows, ensuring that your workspace always meets your evolving needs.

Private Offices & Suite Rental

Private Office Rental

Discover the perfect workspace solution for your growing business. Strategically located in Toronto’s vibrant South Core, our private offices and team spaces combine professionalism and comfort to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and drive success.

Shared Workspaces

Carefully designed coworking spaces that cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, and remote teams alike, cultivating an energizing atmosphere that inspires success.

Virtual Offices & Service

Our virtual office packages cater to remote work needs, providing the essential tools and services to maintain a strong business presence.

Daily Catering Services

Let Us Cater To Your Unique Needs. Catering is critical to the success of your event. Choose from our wide selection of customizable menu options.

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Our Clients

Exceptional Client Portfolio

A Diverse Community of Thriving Professionals and Businesses

We are proud to support a wide range of clients from various industries, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment that promotes collective success. Our workspaces and services cater to businesses and professionals from diverse sectors, providing tailored solutions that enable them to achieve their goals.

Legal Professionals

Law firms and legal professionals benefit from our private offices and meeting rooms, designed to ensure confidential and secure environments for their sensitive work.

Tech Companies

Our tech clients thrive in our modern spaces, leveraging cutting-edge resources and networking opportunities to drive innovation and stay ahead.


Our finance clients appreciate our professional settings and advanced technology, which enable them to collaborate effectively.

Small Business

We welcome a variety of small businesses, including recruiting agencies, non-profits, and other enterprises, providing flexible workspaces and

What Our Clients Say

Exceptional Service

My team at RBC has been using the Rostiegroup shared workspace for almost 2 years. We work in the space, host events, meetings, and training sessions. We continue to use their facilities as they provide superior customer service. The staff is professional and have excellent attention to detail – they ensure that all their customers have the best experience. The location is convenient and each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities to set you up for success. I strongly recommend to consider using Rostiegroup if you are looking for a co working space, meeting room or a training facility! We will continue to recommend this to our colleagues at RBC as well."
"Concordia’s Goodman Institute of Investment Management has rented classrooms and offices from the Rostie Group for 11 years. We use many of their services including videoconferencing, catering, and renting rooms of varying sizes for many different occasions. The Rostie Group’s location on Bay Street is ideal for our students, many of whom come to class via public transport. Over the years, we have demanded a lot from the Rostie team and they have bent over backwards to accommodate our demands. When we change our minds at the last moment, the Rostie team will make every effort to be flexible and work with us. When we require incredible attention to detail the Rostie team is there for us. Our catering requirements are complicated because of dietary restrictions. The Rostie team never stops working to get it right. It would be very difficult for us to operate in Toronto without the Rostie Group"

Unbreakable Values

"David Lynas Consulting has been using The Rostie Group’s facility at 20 Bay Street for our Toronto short-term office needs for a couple of years. They work as a team to deliver a superb customer experience, from initial engagement to the final wrap-up. The add-on services, like catering for breaks and lunches, make life easy and leave you to focus on your event. The Rostie Group’s attitude is “Can do. Will do. Done!” We’re looking forward to our next visit."
"Our company has required the use of the Rostie Group facilities on several occasions. The rooms have been clean and accommodated a large number of our management teams and staff. The support has been excellent throughout the day and all audio and video facilities have worked well. We have utilized their catering facilities as well and never had a complaint. We will continue to use their facilities and recommend them to anyone who requires this service."
Michael Leacy